Quarantine WODs

Pistol Party Workout


Hello and welcome to another workout.

Like the name already says it, we are going to do a lot of pistols.


But first thing’s first – never skip your warm-up! It’s just as important as your actual workout. I could go on and keep rambling about the importance of warming up but I already did that in a different post.

If you have a little more time, give this extensive warm-up a try:


How to approach it?

This is a long workout!

Make sure to start at a moderate pace because all those reps will accumulate quickly.

After you are over the “hump” and go down the “hill”, pick up the pace a little bit!

Scaling Options

  • Before you scale movements, scale down the reps – e.g. only go up to 30 reps and back down or 40 reps.
  • If you cannot do pistols, go for lunges instead.
  • If you cannot do all the push-ups, do them on your knees.


After a long workout like that make sure to have a proper cool-down to avoid injuries & give your body the time to recover:

Happy Sweating!


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