Hyperice Hypervolt Massage gun in-depth review


I remember that when we got the Hypervolt a little over a year ago, I thought that its price was outrageously high (price in Europe is higher than in the States). Also, it looked a bit like a torture device and I was very skeptical when Rafael attempted to test it on me. Well, it’s safe to say that it was love at first…massage? Still, I got to appreciate it even more over time.

Here’s the thing – sometimes it feels like being sore is our normal state. Due to the way we train, we almost constantly have at least one muscle group sore.

My personal way of dealing with it: whining. 😀 You can catch me moaning and grimacing by the slightest movement – from getting up from the bed to bending over to give my cat food. I don’t recommend it, though, it’s not very useful.

Rafael, on the other hand, has a much more proactive and rewarding approach to recovery. He uses cooling pads, gets cold showers, stretches and uses all kinds of self-massage tools. So yes, you guessed it – he’s the one who insisted on getting the Hypervolt.

I have to admit, 12+ months later – I’m not mad about it.

What is Hypervolt?

Hypervolt by the brand Hyperice is a handheld percussion massage gun, meant to “help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion, promote circulation, accelerate warm-up and recovery”. I can only confirm that it delivers on each promise. If you haven’t heard the brand Hyperice before, it’s one that’s widely known in the sports medicine field as the company behind some of the best cryotherapy and compression products used by world-class athletes.

I’m now very happy that they’re bringing their product line to the common gym rat like you and me as well. We have stiff muscles too, yo, it’s not just Lebron.

The Hypervolt comes with a set of 5 interchangeable head attachments so you can switch them depending on the body part you want to massage (although the soft ball attachment works for almost all the cases). It operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has three speed settings. It’s quite easy to use and surprisingly light at only 2.5lbs.

Who can benefit from the Hypervolt massage gun?

We mentioned the gym rats and Lebron already, but honestly – everyone. We all get aching backs from sitting for too long, stiff necks from staring at screens all day, sore muscles from working in the back yard, etc. I believe a device like that will find use in every household. A small tip: it’s also a great gift for your loved ones.

Are there negatives?

Okay, I know one of its main selling points is that it’s supposedly whisper-quiet but lemme tell you – total BS. Sure, it won’t wake up your neighbors and it’s certainly nowhere near as loud at its competitor – the Theragun G3Pro (which is also more expensive btw) but it’s definitely not quiet. Frankly, it gets a bit annoying after 10-15 minutes (although that’s all you need most days). I hope that Hyperice is able to make the next generation Hypervolt even quieter.

Will I recommend it?

100%. One of our best investments in terms of wellbeing and definitely proven me wrong about its price – it’s well worth it.

P.S. Here’s a very informative video put up by the brand itself on how to use the Hypervolt and explaining the purposes of the different attachment heads.

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