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Full-body bodyweight pyramid workout


I know it’s rough right now with most of us being under lockdown due to the raging pandemic. It’s what everybody’s talking about, news broadcasts bombarding us with disturbing statistics and the whole internet racing to share their conspiracy theories.

Let’s take a break.

Let’s focus on what’s in our hands and what we can control. Let’s look at it as an opportunity to spend more time together with loved ones, to read, meditate, take a breather from the daily hassle, maybe take up a new hobby.

As usual, it’s all about perspective. While most of us gym rats are quite bumped that all gyms are closed at the moment, we shouldn’t’ forget that this is a chance for a switch in our training and experiment with whatever equipment we have available (even if it’s none). Bodyweight workouts are now trendier than ever!

So, here I am with another bodyweight workout for you. It’s gonna target your whole body and leave you surprisingly sore for days.


Even with bodyweight workouts, never skip your warm-up! There are numerous benefits to a good warm-up but, frankly, it’s simply a necessity if you wanna get the maximum of your workout.

Just posted a great warm-up routine for home workouts that you can check here!

Bodyweight pyramid workout

You’ll need nothing but motivation. The rep scheme is the following: 5 -10 – 15- 10 – 5, hence – pyramid workout. Take as little break as possible to spike the intensity.

Full-body bodyweight pyramid home workout

1. Hand-release push-ups

Of course, if you find them difficult, you can always do the push-ups on your knees. In case push-ups are generally a struggle for you, check out this article for some ease progressions to get your first solid push-up.

hand-release push-up exercise part of a full-body bodyweight workout

2. Lateral kneel to squat

Start with your knees on the ground and slowly get up to a squat. Stay low in a squat position even while doing the side-step. You don’t need to take such a wide step to the side though, a narrow one will do.

Lateral kneel to squat bodyweight exercise

3. Crab hip thrust to reverse plank

Starting from a crab position drive the hips high, keep the core and glutes engaged and extend the legs into a reverse plank. This counts as one repetition.

Crab hip thrust to reverse plank exercise part of a full body bodyweight pyramid workout

4. Jumping lunges

If you find the jumping lunges too challenging, switch to regular, alternating lunges.

Jumping lunges bodyweight exercise

5. Scissors with a twist

Keep your upper back off the floor and focus on your core muscles. I counted four scissor movements and a twist as one rep. If that’s too challenging, reduce them.

Scissors with a twist bodyweight exercise

Let me know how the workout went for you!

Stay safe, friends!


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