Quarantine WODs

Full Body Blast


Hello and welcome to another workout.

On paper this training session doesn’t seem to look that bad but trust me, it will be harder than you think.


But first thing’s first – never skip your warm-up! It’s just as important as your actual workout. I could go on and keep rambling about the importance of warming up but I already did that in a different post.

If you have a little more time, give this extensive warm-up a try:


Full Body Workout

How to approach it?

Like I said before, on paper this workout doesn’t look too bad until you are in the middle of the first 50 reps and think that they will never end.

Start with a moderate pace to get through the first 50 reps and slowly pick up the pace with the lower reps.

Make sure to have a pace on the burpees that allows you to breath since the kettlebell swings and jump squats will pump up your heart rate.

Scaling Options

  • Scale down the reps, e.g. 40 – 30 -15
  • Scale the movements, e.g. turn jump squats into regular air squats or burpees into burpees with no jump, just step-ups


After a long workout like that make sure to have a proper cool-down to avoid injuries & give your body the time to recover:

Happy Sweating!


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