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Full Body 15 Minute AMRAP Workout


Are you ready?! Cause what I have here is some pretty nice sweat sesh that you can do either at home or at the gym. All you need is a set of dumbbells at a moderate weight (keep it challenging but stay realistic).

What is an AMRAP Workout?

As you saw already in the title, it’s an AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible) workout. In case you’re unfamiliar with that concept, you can learn more about it here plus get some more workout ideas of that kind. In short, you keep performing the set of exercises and reps until you reach the time cap of the workout (in this case – 15 minutes). It’s a pretty simple approach, which allows you to experiment with pushing your limits and improve not only your stamina but your mental strength as well. Doing the workout at a moderate weight is a great way to combine both strength and endurance training together.

What To Aim For

The goal of this specific workout is to not break up the individual sets of exercises, try to only rest between them. Keep the breaks short and frequent, rather than fewer but longer breaks. No matter how fast or slow your pace is, just keep moving till you reach the time cap.

If you find that 15 minutes are way too challenging for you – shorten it to 12 minutes.

The Workout

This workout consist of 5 exercises, each performed for 10 reps.

First thing’s first – never skip your warm-up! It’s just as important as your actual workout. I could go on and keep rambling about the importance of warming up but I already did that in a different post.

15 Min AMRAP of:

  • Dumbbell Burpees (with push-up) – 10 reps
  • Mountain Climbers – 10 reps (each side)
  • Dumbbell Front Squat – 10 reps
  • Dumbbell Bent Over Row – 10 reps
  • Push Press – 10 reps

Dumbbell Burpees – 10 reps

A GIF showing a young woman in athletic clothing performing a dumbbell burpee exercise as a part of a 15 minutes AMRAP home workout.

Keep your core tight, elbows close to your body and your back neutral. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous – add a small jump at the end with the weights at your sides.

Mountain Climbers – 10 reps (each side)

GIF showing a young woman in athletic clothing performing a bodyweight exercise - mountain climbers, as a part of a 15 minutes AMRAP home workout.

The starting point is the plank position – shoulders are above your hands and, of course, the core is engaged. I like to add a twist and try to reach the opposite elbow with each knee as you can see in the video. 

Dumbbell Front Squat – 10 reps

A GIF showing a yound woman in sports clothing performing dumbbell front squats as a part of a 15 minutes AMRAP workout.

Much like a regular squat but with the dumbbells held on your shoulders: shoulder-width stance, toes pointing slightly out. The core is engaged, back is neutral and knees track outward over toes. Keep your elbows high and squat as deep as your mobility allows you (feet stay flat on the ground at all times). If you’re still not quite sure in your squat form, check out this post. It will give you a lot of insights!

Dumbbell Bent Over Row – 10 reps

GIF showing a young woman performing an exercise with a set of dumbbells - bent over row, as a part of an 15 minute AMRAP workout.

The key here is the controlled movement of the weights and keeping your back straight. Focus on creating that mind-muscle connection and engage your lats.

Push Press – 10 reps

GIF showing a young woman performing an exercise push press.

The starting position is with the weight on your shoulders. You make a small dip at your knees, pop your hips and use that momentum to push the dumbbells up.

If you’re looking for more workout like that, you’re welcome to join my newly launched FB group, where I share similar content daily! Looking forward to seeing you there!


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