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Crossfit weight loss: steps for weight loss with Crossfit classes


I know that a big portion of the people who decide take up Crossfit do so with the main goal of losing weight.

Despite weight loss being an evergreen hot topic, it’s one that’s rather simple to sum up:

  • It mainly boils down to nutrition.
  • To lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit (consume fewer calories than you burn).
  • Usually, by weight loss, we mean fat loss while maintaining or (ideally) even building lean mass (muscles). That’s the only way to see that desired body recomposition that most of us aim for. To ensure that, you need to not just be in a caloric deficit, but increase your protein intake as well.

These basic principles apply regardless of the activity you choose to do. If macros and calories-counting sounds too confusing to you and you want to get a little more familiar with the topic, subscribe through the form at the end of this post to receive a free PFD document with helpful insights on the subject.

However, there are a lot of other factors that contribute to a successful weight loss – things like your determination, discipline, environment, and support from the people around you.

And here’s where my argument that Crossfit is a great way to shed the unwanted pounds comes in.

CrossFit Community

What separates a Crossfit box from your conventional gym are the classes and the community. While you can still train on your own, a normal day at the Crossfit box is usually structured in various classes that take place one after another from early morning till closing time. Every class is led by a certified coach who explains the workout, guides you through the different movements and is there to assist you if you need help. But that’s not the biggest plus of joining a Crossfit box. The biggest plus is the community that you become a part of. Surrounding yourself with similar-minded people who share your goals and ambitions is crucial for successfully losing the extra pounds. Having someone to keep you accountable and push you during the workouts is a sure way to stay consistent. Training won’t be a chore anymore but fun experience with friends.

“I used to be an on and off gym-goer. There would be periods of about a month or two where I’d visit the gym on a somewhat regular basis but then life would get to me and I’d completely lose my motivation. I joined my box 10 months ago and I’ve never been more consistent with working out in my life. The community makes all the difference in the world!” – Cheryl, NCfit

Full disclaimer: Obviously, to enjoy all that, you need to find a well-managed Crossfit box that puts a lot of value on hiring experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Do your research, check the boxes around you, talk to some of the members and make sure you’re joining a box that will provide you with not only decent equipment, but more importantly – has great coaches.

You can use this Crossfit affiliate map to check out all the boxes around you!

Crossfit is versatile

For me, the real beauty of Crossfit is how versatile it is. Crossfit involves strength training, endurance, gymnastics, calisthenics, and mobility. This allows for a constant variation of workouts and movements and thus a constant stream of new challenges as well. You’ll have short, high-intensity workouts, long ones that you’ll need to pace yourself, strength-focused complexes, benchmark workouts, mobility drills… the list could go on. The point is, CrossFit won’t bore you and keep you eager to show up for your next Crossfit class.

“I love having a challenge. There is something very empowering in achieving a goal that you never thought possible before. The community feels almost like a second family now. There are always people pushing you to keep going and do more than you think you can. I love feeling stronger. I have become stronger in one year than I ever thought I could.” – Monica, NCfit

You can scale everything

As a beginner, you’ll probably be worried that Crossfit workouts are too advanced for you. I’ve certainly had quite a few people ask me if they need to be in shape before joining a Crossfit box. Of course, that’s not the case at all. All workouts and movements can be scaled and adjusted to your personal level of fitness. In fact, sometimes there’s a scaled version of the scaled version. Substituting/modifying an exercise, using less weight (or no weight at all) or doing a shorter workout – the options are there. As cliché as it sounds, we all start somewhere.

CrossFit is performance-focused

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a flat belly, defined shoulders, etc. But if looks become your sole focus, you might find yourself struggling mentally, because significant changes in our physics take a while. The great thing about Crossfit is that it presents you with so many other small goals and milestones and you’ll find yourself constantly obtaining new abilities and discovering new strengths that you didn’t know you had. Crossfit shifts the focus from looks to performance – looks become just a nice added bonus.  

In a nutshell:  In order to lose weight, you need to raise your activity levels, improve your nutrition (decrease calorie-intake by switching to less calorie-dense foods and cutting out processed foods as much as possible) and focus on recovery and stress management. Of course, psychological factors like motivation, accountability, and support from the people around you play a huge role in how successful your weight loss will be. In that sense, joining a Crossfit box can help you with not just improving your fitness but staying consistent with it as well.  

If you’re willing to try some Crossfit workouts at home before taking the leap and joining a box, check out this list of 20 bodyweight Crossfit workouts that you can conveniently at home!


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