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Welcome to another Quarantine workout!

Today, we just focus on one movement, the burpee. You can either do burpee box jumps or just burpees.


But first thing’s first – never skip your warm-up! It’s just as important as your actual workout. I could go on and keep rambling about the importance of warming up but I already did that in a different post.

If you have a little more time, give this extensive warm-up a try:


How to approach it?

Try to remain a steady pace from the beginning.

Don’t burn out on the first 20 reps or so!

Slow and steady wins the race!

Scaling options

  • Instead of a burpee box jump, do a burpee + step-up or you leave out the jumps completely and do only step-ups for the burpee and the box.
  • The same applies to regular burpees.


After a long workout like that make sure to have a proper cool-down to avoid injuries & give your body the time to recover:

Happy Sweating!


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