About me

Hello and welcome to Workoutfrolic!

What does Workoutfrolic stand for?

Let me tell you a short story…

When I was a kid I came across the word “workafrolic”. The word was explained together with its antonym – workaholic. We all know what workaholic is – someone who works compulsively, prioritizing their work over their health, sleep, family but that doesn’t imply that they truly enjoy their job. In contrast, workafrolic (as it was explained) is someone working hard and a lot but driven by passion and purpose, someone whose job brings them true happiness and satisfaction.

This stuck with me ever since then. And I don’t know if I became a workaholic but I definitely became a workoutfrolic.

So, how did I define a workoutfrolic? Someone who works out because it brings them joy and makes them happy, not because they HAVE TO.

Years later, encouraged by my boyfriend Rafael and my friends, I decided to create a blog – a place to share all the fitness knowledge and experience I’ve collected in more than 15 years now. Workoutfrolic seemed like the perfect name for this blog!

It started as a solo project but it has turned into our common passion, and now Rafael and I are completely immersed in the challenge that building our own brand is.

Since 2017, Workoutfrolic has grown and we’ve grown with it. We’re learning every day about you, our reader, and your wants and needs.

Now more than ever, we are determined to keep expanding Workoutfrolic and providing you with more quality content.

Our philosophy: 

We believe that a happy life = active life. We are also convinced that staying active and healthy shouldn’t be based on restrictions but rather on intuition.

We believe that simplicity is underrated. You don’t need any crazy, complicated moves to have an effective workout. We like to stick to the foundations – classic, compound and functional exercises that strengthen your body without unnecessarily increasing your risk of injury.

Whatever your fitness goal is, we got you!

Our workouts:

  • Performance-based: We’re big fans of performance-based workouts. Our workouts aim to strengthen your muscles, improve your mobility, boost your endurance – hence, our slogan: Find your inner athlete! We promise you, there’s one in each of us and together we can make your inner athlete shine!
  • Home-based: The majority of our workouts demand minimal equipment – mostly a set of dumbbells, a resistance band or a kettlebell. This makes them ideal for those of us with busy schedules!
  • Tried and trusted: We do all the workouts we share before publishing. This way we’re convinced in their functionality and effectiveness.
  • To give you a little taste about what we are talking about:

You’ll find more than workouts here, though!
I encourage you to browse around!
You’ll find more general topics regarding the
healthy fitness lifestyle (e.g. How to make your health a priority in 2020),
basic nutrition advice, (e.g. 10 Healthy food staples on my grocery shopping list),
delicious recipes (e.g. Granola bars with Dried Figs and Peanut Butter)
and more.

Who we are:

fit girl black and white posing

My name is Lily and I’ve been passionate about health and fitness ever since I can remember!

Okay, that was a lie, but I did join an athletics club when I was just 7 years old. So I can say my love for sports started right there and then. Over the years I tried out various types of sports (athletics, kickboxing, boxing, fitness), but the ones that stuck with me the most were boxing and good ol’ fitness (if we can call it a “type of sport”).

As of today, my focus is on building my strength, flexibility, and endurance by combining my gained knowledge from different literature & studies with my “test it for myself” approach, to identify what works best for me. A great way to achieve that well-roundedness (is that even a word? ) is CrossFit (or CrossFit-type of workouts) and this is what moves me these days.

The other part of Workoutfrolic is my boyfriend Rafael.

Surprise, surprise – he is also very passionate when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition. He got into sports at a very early age. Starting out with the typical sports like soccer, volleyball & basketball. At the age of 13, he joined a boxing club and later on got into fitness, as well!

Never really a fan of “only” bodybuilding, he always incorporated functional workouts & routines into his own training and after moving to California for 2 years, he started Crossfit and never looked back ever since!

Additionally, he combined his passion for sports with getting a bachelor’s degree in sports science & sports management.  He has been training people as a personal trainer and a group fitness trainer for 4+ years.

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We love feedback, so if you have anything you’d like to share with us or ask us – don’t hesitate to do so!