5 Kitchen gadgets that make meal prep super easy


You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to know this – sticking to a certain meal plan requires some beforehand preparation. I know it, you know it – once the hunger strikes, we will, more likely than not, just eat whatever’s the fastest and most convenient. Unfortunately, the food that’s fast and convenient rarely is the most nutritious one. Sigh.

That’s why we meal prep! It takes some time to build the habit of preparing your meals for the next days ahead, but it certainly pays off. Luckily, we live at a time when kitchen work and cooking is made easier than ever thanks to all the innovative gadgets on the market. Of course, you don’t need to have ALL of them, but each one is a definitive plus.

Meal prep food prepared with kitchen gadgets that make meal prep easy

1. Electric grill

Yes, it does not exactly taste like the food prepared on traditional grill (fired using charcoal or gas), but it’s as close as you can get, adding all the other benefits an electric grill has. It’s easier and safer to use, especially for all of us who live that apartment life. Ever since we got ours, it’s been quite handy for meal prep. I find the taste of the meat waaay better than the one prepared on the stove or in the oven and we’re definitely loving the grilled veggies. So far I’ve only been using it on our balcony, but you could easily use it under your kitchen hood inside.

Few things that were important to me, when picking it up: 1) that it’s non-stick; 2) that it has removable plates (so that you can properly clean them) and 3) that the plates are dishwasher safe, because, you know, I like the easy life.

We chose this grill from Tefal, which checked all the boxes and so far it’s a winner.

2. Blender

I’ll be honest – I’m no fan of any type of smoothies, shakes, etc. I just like to take advantage of the teeth I have and actually chew my food, so that’s not what I use our blender for (Rafael has a different opinion on that 😀 ). Despite that, I still find our blender quite handy! I love to bake stuff and use it all the time to puree fruits, mix ingredients together, turn oats into oat flour or to grind nuts. It definitely makes baking way easier and way more enjoyable.

I write that broken-hearted, because our blender literally just died the other day, after faithfully serving us for 3.5 years. RIP Blendy. We’re getting a new one though and these are the ones we have our eyes on so far:

3. Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the most common compounds of meal prep recipes. I already wrote about it here, but in our household, we rarely run out of basmati rice and, honestly, the rice cooker was a lifesaver. The rice is always nicely cooked and with minimal effort on our part. The best thing is that the bowl is dishwasher safe. Rice cookers also come with an additional tray for steaming fish or veggies, which makes them quite versatile.

4. A good knife

No hesitation at all, a high-quality knife is a must in every kitchen. For years I was hesitant to splurge on a good knife and went through a lot of cheaper ones, which only caused me frustration while cooking. Doing your meal prep involves a lot of slicing, chopping, etc. and you want to make sure that everything goes as smooth and quick as possible, cause, at the end of the day, meal prepping is about optimizing your everyday life and you don’t want it to take up half your day. Look for a knife that feels very well balanced in your hand, that is sharp and durable. We went with a Japanese utility knife and it made a world of a difference in the way cooking goes. I wish I made that switch earlier!

Glass containers for meal prep

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5. Storage Boxes

Well, once you’ve prepped your delicious food, you want to make sure you’re gonna store it right. There are a lot of controversies out there about how safe plastic containers are, even the BPA-free ones. In all honesty, I still use plastic ones whenever I have to carry my meals with me, just because they are usually so much lighter. Other than that, I play it safe and store our food mainly in glass or metal containers. If you want to use plastic ones, that’s fine, just make sure that they’re BPA-free and you don’t put the food inside them, while it’s still hot.  

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  1. Sarvarius
    April 2, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    I have all but 1. I like to prepare everything in advance so all I have to do is cook. My mum was so surprised when I cooked one night and the only left to clean was the pot and the sauce that spat out of it during the cooking the process.

    • Lily
      April 3, 2020 at 12:39 pm

      Haha! I know what you mean! If you food prep it might look weird to people who are not used to it or who have not seen it before! I am also always wondering how I use up all the things in my kitchen! 😀 😀 😀

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